• Increases blood and lymph flow

  • Relieves chronic pain

  • Deep muscular release

  • Breaks up adhesions and softens fascia

  • Decreases muscle pain

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Benefits for Cupping Massage recipients

Cupping achieves amazing results for anyone recovering from an injury or suffering with pain. It is also excellent for people who may not enjoy firm pressure, but who want to experience deep muscular release.  Many Olympic and professional athletes (including the Portland Trailblazers) use cupping as a part of their wellness routine to recover quickly from their training and to enhance their performance.

Cupping therapy breaks up adhesions and relieves inflammation by loosening and lifting connective tissue and muscles. It promotes increased blood and lymph flow to muscles which results in the reduction of pain and increased range of motion. By utilizing a “vacuum” or negative pressure, massage cups lift the underlying tissue to simulate the release of toxins and promote tissue repair. Cupping is included with the Pain Relief Massage and Golfers Massage, and can be added to a Relaxation massage as requested.

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