Sports Massage for Golfers

“Perform and feel your best with Massage at West Hills”

  • Specifically targets muscles of the golf swing to boost performance
  • Improves range of motion generating more power and distance
  • Increases flexibility which is key to golf performance
  • Opens the shoulders and chest to lengthen the back swing
  • Targets areas of tension such as low back, shoulders, and forearms
  • Reduces stress and improves mental focus

At West Hills Massage, my goal is to help you play and practice pain free, and to enhance your performance through addressing any restrictions you may have in muscles that are involved in your golf swing. I have worked in the golf industry for over 15 years and understand the complexity of the golf swing. I have spent the last 5 years as a massage therapist treating pain and injury, and have worked on many golf professionals.

I have found that deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, cupping, and facilitated stretching are the right combination to enhance golf performance.

Your golf massage will include a detailed assessment of your posture and golf swing, followed by targeted treatment to address your golf performance, and suggestions on stretches and exercises to do at home.  Cupping and liniment are included with this treatment if deemed appropriate by your therapist.

Experience Matters

Because I am both a massage therapist and a competitive golfer, I am uniquely qualified to work with golfers. Massage boosts golf performance by increasing flexibility and range of motion, and by allowing more rotation during the backswing and downswing which generates power and distance. Massage therapy greatly benefits both golf professionals and amateurs alike. Massage is also very effective for preventing and treating pain and soreness associated with the golf swing. The golf massage reduces muscle spasms, trigger points, and adhesion’s that need to be addressed to prevent injury. Additionally, massage decreases stress and anxiety levels while improving mental focus, a critical component to the golf game.

The golf swing is one of the most complex and challenging movements in all of athletics. Common ailments that golfers experience are low back pain and golfer’s elbow. However, golfers experience injuries in many areas of the body such as neck and shoulders, knees, hips, as well as feet and ankles. Receiving regular massage can prevent such injuries by increasing flexibility and trunk rotation, and by relaxing overworked muscles.

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According to the New Youk Times, “swing coaches and sports psychologists in golfing entourages are increasingly accompanied by athletic trainers and massage therapists. Rickie Fowler, the 2010 rookie of the year on the PGA Tour said he scheduled several sessions on tournament weeks with his ‘deep-tissue guy’ “ (Longman).